Violin lessons

Besides performing, I am a passionate violin teacher. I’ve been teaching for about twenty years, ever since I started my studies at the conservatory.

I teach at my own practice in the centre of Den Bosch as well as at the Regionale Muziekschool ’s-Hertogenbosch, location Perron 3 (Rosmalen). Students of any age and level are most welcome.

meisje vioolles Roos van Well

“During my lessons, I love to pass on my love for the violin to my students. The student is central in this process. I aim to cultivate a relaxed and pleasant environment where my students can develop as optimally as possible.”

Nothing beats the fun of making music together! Therefore I organise several collaborative projects each year during which students can study and perform together. In addition there are student concerts, where students have the opportunity to perform pieces with piano or violin accompaniment. 

My students won prices at the Prinses Christina Junior Concours, the Maassluise Muziekweek and the Concertgebouw Talentenjacht and several students have continued their studies at conservatories.


It’s important to have access to a good instrument in order to optimise your musical development. I recommend renting an instrument from a recognized violin maker, such as Paardekooper in Den Bosch. This way you are assured of a suitable and high-quality violin, that you can exchange for a larger size over time. When a student is ready to play a whole violin, this can be a good moment to purchase their own violin and bow. Please consult with me before making this decision.


Practicing at home is essential in order to learn to play the violin.
For young students it’s important that parents provide the structure at home for daily practice and to support their child. It’s not neccessary to be able to play an instrument yourself, however an enthusiastic and encouraging attitude is key. Practicing at a set time each day is often helpful.

Students playing…

Benefit concert for Ukraine on the market in Den Bosch, March 27, 2022
Drowsy Maggie (Irish Reel)
Violin students led by Roos van Well

Benefit concert for Ukraine on the market in Den Bosch, March 27, 2022
The Ukrainian national anthem
Violin students led by Roos van Well

Banuwa (traditional Liberian folk song) played by students of Roos van Well during the corona pandemic, March, 2020


jongen vioolles Roos van Well

Prices are based on 37 lessons per year.
30 minutes per week: €23,50 per lesson or €869,50 per year
45 minutes per week: €35,25 per lesson or €1304,25 per year

For students from the age of 18 it’s also possible to take lessons once every two weeks or to purchase a cut-out card of 10 lessons. Additional information about prices and lessons can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

For children (below the age of 18) from a low income family there is the possibility to receive a subsidy for violin lessons through the Jeugdfonds Sport & Cultuur ’s-Hertogenbosch. This can be requested through an intermediary at school.

Free trial lesson

I am happy to offer the possibility for a trial lesson free of charge and without any obligations. Please contact me for availabilities.


Feel free to contact me for any other questions.